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build: 60308 (released August 20th, 2019)

Download r16.0.1

What's new?

We’ve listened to you, our users, and made hundreds of improvements to workflow and function across the system. We hope our users agree that this release achieves a new level of usability, productivity, confidence, stability, and all-round polish.

Ash Nehru, founder and Chief Innovation Officer

User Experience

A complete design overhaul to improve the execution and usability of Cue Lists. More flexibility to work with external control systems, and a multi-select function to streamline workflows when working with groups of objects.


181 bug fixes, 121 improvements and 29 new features have been made to further streamline the user experience and improve workflows.

Higher quality content

End-to-end 10-bit colour depth support for the latest flagship servers, the vx 4 and gx 2c; as well as support for wider colour gamuts and a full HDR pipeline. Image sequence playback allows users to play TIFF, TGA and DPX file sequences in either 8 or 10-bit.

Download Colour Control Whitepaper

NotchLC codec

Support for the new NotchLC codec to achieve visually lossless quality without sacrificing performance.

Projection Toolkit

Mapping Matter integration allows users to set-up projectors in MM and quickly imports projector data such as position, name, resolution, lumens and more.


Significant advancements to performance and onsite workflows including set-up capture and quick align UI. Extensions to the OmniCal workflow now enable users to calibrate an automation system using OmniCal, saving time over conventional automation workflows.

AR Workflows

New workflows for Augmented Reality includes support for a variety of camera tracking systems such as stYpe and mo-sys, which can be fed into the 3D stage as tracked objects and attached to virtual cameras. 

This is the first step on the road to releasing the full xR feature set, which will come in future releases.

r16 demo project

This r16 demo project aims to demonstrate the new workflows and features of r16.

The assets in this demo project were produced by dandelion + burdock, a creative studio specialising in workflows and content for live events productions.

A PDF outlining all the demo project assets and workflows is contained in the .zip file.

Download r16 demo project

r16 features overview


r16 AR workflows overview

Release notes for r16.0.1

Improvements, fixes and known issues in r16.0.1


  • [DSOF-7942] - Remove missing resources will not remove any unless all missing resources in tab are unused
  • [DSOF-11564] - DMX screens should not render on slaves that aren't outputting DMX
  • [DSOF-11574] - Cue List: Invalid string notification and broken UI when creating CUE tag and note
  • [DSOF-11576] - Cue List: Float division by Zero notification and broken UI when creating CUE tag
  • [DSOF-11583] - Unable to import feed rectangle tables from other projects
  • [DSOF-11586] - Access Violation when loading a LUT file assigned to a screen but not present in folder
  • [DSOF-11595] - Cue list: Moving horizontal scroll bar clears cue list
  • [DSOF-11598] - Stability of DPX sequence playback is reduced by larger amount of layers when overall pixel count is kept the same
  • [DSOF-11630] - DMX SPR driver updates regardless of change in input, thereby causing large position jitter.
  • [DSOF-11643] - Incorrect expiration warning for Notch license
  • [DSOF-11668] - HAP files give errors or don't appear in r16


Technical advisories



  • Extremely demanding Notch blocks can cause an oversubscription of available memory resources - click here for full advisory.



  • Potential signal drop from wireless OmniCal kits - click here for full advisory.



View the r16.0.1 release notes here.

View the full r16 release notes here.

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