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slick production.

build: 70918 (released August 26th, 2020)

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What's new?

Your workflow streamlined for enhanced efficiency.

Say hello to r17.3, the latest software from disguise. r17.3 adds powerful new features to your toolkit including Indirections, Multi-layer Editing, Object Assignment Hotkeys and Crossfade Loop Section Play Mode, all purpose-built for slick and efficient production.
disguise software simplified and optimised, with r17.3 you can work fast, respond to changes on the fly and work your way to deliver your next visual experience with total confidence.

Download r17.3


Indirections gives you new flexibility to change keyframe objects on the fly such as mappings, video clips, textures and configurations. You can also choose how to control your indirection for example via OSC, UDP and DMX or a dedicated API.

Indirections Web
Multi Layer Gif Web

Multi-layer Editing

Multi-layer editing will allow you to save time sequencing and simplify your workflow by assigning common parameter values across multiple layers. As you action feedback on the fly, you will also ensure precious time onsite is spent on capturing performances and not making technical changes which may slow down production.

Object Assignment Hotkeys

Object assignment hotkeys allow you to work your way, keep up momentum and do your best work to deliver the production. Tailor your workflow for speed and ease of use by assigning your own custom keyboard shortcuts for supported objects. You can also quickly iterate through layers.

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Points Manager Gif Web

Reference Point Manager

You can control the whole picture with Reference Point Manager. It enables you to stay on top of your projectors by being able to view and manage all calibration points in your project in a single place.

Crossfaded Loop Section Mode

Get it right at the source with Crossfaded Loop Section Mode. With this feature, you can decide how media will loop in the moment, meaning less time spent later in post or enabling shooting houses delivering the plate directly. Crossfaded Loop Section Mode enables quick reactions by giving you the flexibility to not have to play through the entire clips, makes this quick and easy to get the right point.

Crossfade Gif Web

17.3 features overview

Also in r17.3

Updated terminology

NDI SDK has been updated to version 4.5

The ability to point manager at a template project 

Alt-drag in the feed mapping editor

Clicking a tag or note now jumps the exact frame where the tag is placed

Dither parameter added to the gradient texture tool to help reduce banding

You can now pause the playback of a Notch block

Import and Export of feed maps

Download r17.3

Release notes for r17.3.8

Improvements, fixes and known issues in r17.3.8
  • Media occasionally isn't ingested after scan
  • Notch: can't change Effect after active Effect goes missing/bad


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Resource Categories

    Resources Bwelcomeproject R17 1

    Welcome project

    A fully featured project to explore as you learn the disguise software (built in the r17.1 software build)


    Media pack

    A selection of images, models and videos to get started.

    Resources Demo Project R17 1

    r17.1 release - Demo Project

    Demo project including key features within the r17.1 software release.

    Resources AR Demo Project R17 1

    AR Demo Project

    Augmented Reality demo project built for r17.1 which includes f1 car Notch block as shown in the training video.


    Notch Demo Project

    This Notch Demo Project focuses on virtual environments and exposable cameras & exposed nulls.


    Legacy disguise-Notch block

    disguise-Notch block bundled with designer software prior to r15.1.


    Web Interaction

    zip file of a demo project outlining the capabilities of the web layer integration with javascript & HTML.


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