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build: 71881 (released September 30th, 2020)

What's new?

Get complete control and deliver stunning visual experiences with the render engine of your choice.

As the demand for immersive real-time production is growing, our latest software release r17.4 unlocks RenderStream support to enable truly engine-agnostic generative content. 

r17.4 also introduces new features like Project Snapshots, and other UX improvements like Widget Positioning, Individual Screen Freezing and User Defined Passwords, all purpose-built for complete programming control with less hassle.

Download r17.4


Enjoy new levels of flexibility and control when rendering content from leading render engines, Unreal, Unity and Notch. RenderStream provides low latency, uncompressed video transfer and unified parameter control directly from the disguise timeline on your core system. Learn more. 

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Rx Productpage Hero V1 (1)

rx Support

rx is our dedicated system for hosting third-party render engines, enabling new possibilities for scaling out uncompressed real-time content. Paired with it, RenderStream enables agnostic render engine support so you can create captivating AR and MR experiences with no restrictions. Learn more. 

High-quality visuals

RenderStream unlocks advanced render engine features such as DX12 real-time Ray Tracing in Unreal, allowing you to build more photorealistic scenes with high-quality reflections, refractions and accurate shadows.

Snapshots Basic

Project Snapshots

You can now store snapshots of your project at different stages of its progress and revert back to them at a later date, enabling faster workflow changes.

Also in r17.4

Widget Positioning moves items around the GUI for a smoother navigation experience

Individual Screen Freezing allows you to freeze the output from your screens and continue programming while these are held on a particular frame

You can now set a User Defined Password to unlock the software

DMXControl Layer can now output in 16bit

Exposable Arrays from Notch is now supported

sACN output synchronisation & priority is now implemented

RBG is now supported for DMX Lights & Screens

New footprints quality parameter that enables footprints to be disabled in certain render modes

OR function is now supported in expressions

Download r17.4

Release notes for r17.4

Improvements, fixes and known issues in r17.4
New Features
  • [DSOF-556] - New feature: User-defined default values for OSC/DMX expression
  • [DSOF-825] - New feature: Individual screens and projectors can now have their output frozen (hold)
  • [DSOF-1488] - New feature: Multi-channel audio from video files
  • [DSOF-4880] - New feature: "OR" can now be used in expressions
  • [DSOF-6386] - New feature: Widgets are now stickied on a per machine basis
  • [DSOF-10825] - New feature: Tracking - Motive / NatNet support
  • [DSOF-12485] - New feature: Project Snapshots
  • [DSOF-13250] - New feature: Support for expressions for string type fields
  • [DSOF-13298] - New feature: Camera front plate now shown in VR
  • [DSOF-14077] - New feature: d3manager can now remote edit Advanced machine settings
  • [DSOF-14104] - New feature: d3manager can now remote quit/restart/shutdown of machines
  • [DSOF-14127] - New feature: Expressions now support 24bit DMX
  • [DSOF-14151] - New feature: DmxScreen now supports a true 16-bit RrGgBb fixture type
  • [DSOF-14226] - New feature: Import a fixture group via .xml file
  • [DSOF-14694] - New feature: Fade in/out time for media indirections now supported
  • [DSOF-14146] - New feature: Widgets can now be moved by dragging & middle mouse button


  • [DSOF-4886] - Tracking: Merge BlackTrax workflow into ScreenPositionReceiver [DSOF-4723] - Confirmation overlay for explicit save (alt-w)
  • [DSOF-4838] - DMX driver now supports CMY mode
  • [DSOF-7694] - Ability to set sACN priority
  • [DSOF-9190] - Ability to render Lux without Footprints
  • [DSOF-9966] - Add 16bit DMX color option to DmxLights
  • [DSOF-10428] - RBG DMX Screen & Lights
  • [DSOF-10473] - OmniCal: Indicate projector colour alongside name in Capture Setup UI
  • [DSOF-11092] - OmniCal: Make camera focal length setting an option list rather than a numeric field
  • [DSOF-11519] - Colour Profiles and LUTs are now available on Projectors
  • [DSOF-11689] - DMX control layer now supports 16 bit values
  • [DSOF-12341] - Bank Editor: When selecting a mapping bank from DMX Sockpuppet it is possible to put in a bank number into the MA that doesn't exist in d3, and still be able to select slots within Bank 0.
  • [DSOF-12416] - Added vx 1 and vx 2 hardware support
  • [DSOF-12952] - More information added to the d3net tab in manager
  • [DSOF-13808] - sACN rev 2016 Universe Synchronisation implementation
  • [DSOF-14033] - Notch: add support for exposeable arrays
  • [DSOF-14066] - Improved VR tracking
  • [DSOF-14087] - Add support for XYZ colour space
  • [DSOF-14147] - Prevent editors from minimizing until the mouse cursor leaves the widgets bounds
  • [DSOF-14178] - Include UV from 'd3 Meshes' (Rectangle/Curve etc etc) when exporting Stage as FBX
  • [DSOF-14203] - Sockpuppet: auto populate error message to include bank&slot for easy navigation
  • [DSOF-14210] - "About d3Manager" now shows server Serial Number.
  • [DSOF-14681] - Add option to allow the user to choose TTL for multicast sACN packets
  • [DSOF-14698] - $ syntax removed from OSC indirection controllers.


  • [DSOF-1144] - Fixed an issue where a specific obj locks the software using DmxScreens
  • [DSOF-3104] - Fixed an issue where OSC expressions didn’t support '-' in the name
  • [DSOF-3105] - Fixed an issue that made OSC expressions case sensitive
  • [DSOF-4730] - Fixed an issue where a patched Notch layer did not refresh fields until made active (non-zero brightness)
  • [DSOF-4930] - Fixed an issue where HAP formatted stage and feed renders cannot be opened in non-d3 applications
  • [DSOF-5156] - Fixed an issue where DMX Recorders table would always truncate IP address
  • [DSOF-6389] - Fixed an issue where DmxLight fixture driver info is only created when a DMXstring is created
  • [DSOF-10256] - Fixed an issue where stage movies produced distorted audio if rendered at FPSs that are not 30
  • [DSOF-10596] - Fixed an issue where sometimes it was not possible to start Actors after missing project notification
  • [DSOF-10808] - Fixed an issue where that caused d3 to display an incorrect value when OSC Integer Argument value is below 0
  • [DSOF-11589] - Fixed an issue where user height value would give incorrect position for VR
  • [DSOF-11623] - Fixed an issue where the wrong refresh rate showed in head feed settings.
  • [DSOF-11682] - Fixed an issue where the input field for exporting stage or feed movie does not display correct track name
  • [DSOF-11918] - Fixed an issue where having the playhead at beginning of new section shows last frame of previous section for imported layers in 29.97/59.94
  • [DSOF-12339] - Fixed an issue where the layer editor preview disappears when the mapping is set to none, and does not reappear when a mapping is reassigned until the layer editor has been closed and re-opened.
  • [DSOF-12604] - Fixed an issue where a fatal error could occur on startup on systems with bluefish capture cards and 1080p 48FPS SDI input
  • [DSOF-12685] - Fixed an issue with DMX Lights: when using fixture driver type 'fixture driver', doesn't initially output DMX unless create a second fixture to apply it to.
  • [DSOF-12806] - Fixed an issue where VR home position would cause controller navigation to teleport in the wrong direction
  • [DSOF-12974] - Fixed an issue where Adding Devices to Device Manager with Undo could cause a fatal error
  • [DSOF-13786] - Fixed an issue where Designer did not use primary head for GUI when using rackmount GPU
  • [DSOF-13809] - Fixed an issue that made it very hard to click on the visualiser camera button in certain situations
  • [DSOF-13892] - Fixed an issue where embedded audio volume would instantaneously jump while crossfading if volume at a value <1.0
  • [DSOF-14010] - Fixed an issue where a hang could occur on startup when upgrading from r17.1 to r17.4
  • [DSOF-14037] - Fixed an issue where transition time stops working in Slideshows when you click scrub in and out of the layer.
  • [DSOF-14057] - Fixed an issue which created a fatal error if you attempted unlock then refresh a slideshow.
  • [DSOF-14058] - Fixed an issue where the gamma curve for Rec.709 wasn't sRGB
  • [DSOF-14062] - Fixed an issue where edits in the DMX personality window does not get saved if directly exported to XML
  • [DSOF-14080] - Fixed an issue where undoing a keyframe placement on Keywidget, removes latest but also creates another
  • [DSOF-14090] - Fixed an issue where editors open expanded and then shrink to minimum required size
  • [DSOF-14112] - Fixed an issue where the software sometimes couldnt start with multiple monitors connected
  • [DSOF-14134] - Fixed an issue where having non image file extension in a .seq folder makes image sequence unusable inside the software
  • [DSOF-14177] - Fixed an issue where Unpack .d3 file 'unpack file failed' when there was a notch block in the track
  • [DSOF-14181] - Fixed an issue where exporting the stage throws an error
  • [DSOF-14182] - Fixed an issue where system diagnostics could sometimes hang on creation
  • [DSOF-14185] - Fixed an issue where Non-GUI monitors were not available in feed view
  • [DSOF-14191] - Fixed an issue where bake field option closes already opened keyframe editor, makes baking opened field counter-intuitive
  • [DSOF-14197] - Fixed an issue where Actor status widget doesn't appear when assigning machine as Director
  • [DSOF-14217] - Fixed an issue where GenericLampDriver output mode did nothing
  • [DSOF-14218] - Fixed an issue where removing a camera that is used in a notch layer spatial map causes errors only after restart
  • [DSOF-14228] - Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when launching d3 and opening Indirection Controllers list with empty ListIndirectionController
  • [DSOF-14241] - Fixed an issue where duplicating the mapping when a Child of Projector incorrectly links mapping and displays PerpectiveProjectionObject rather than the Mapping name
  • [DSOF-14251] - Fixed an issue where keyboard shortcuts don't work unless mouse has been used at least once
  • [DSOF-14270] - Fixed an issue where MultiEdit column resizing did not work
  • [DSOF-14279] - Fixed an issue where patching a grouped layer with multi-edit keyframes open causes an error
  • [DSOF-14291] - Fixed an issue where the cursor behaved incorrectly when attempting to add preset to projectorpreset of Projector Control layer
  • [DSOF-14300] - Fixed an issue where that caused a thumbnail resolution error when adding a camera to Capture Plan
  • [DSOF-14308] - Fixed an issue where the Indirections API - DxTexture resource lookup returns no resources
  • [DSOF-14309] - Fixed an issue where the InDirections API should be able to set ManulaIndirection to None
  • [DSOF-14310] - Fixed an issue where attempting to expand any parameter in multi layer editor causes an error
  • [DSOF-14311] - Fixed an issue where keywidgets remain open when switching to a new editor, even if field in new editor is hidden
  • [DSOF-14312] - Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when deleting multiple layers
  • [DSOF-14352] - Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when undoing patch assignment with MultiLayerEditor open
  • [DSOF-14353] - Fixed an issue where a mobile editor's sticky state will revert if not auto-saved
  • [DSOF-14363] - Fixed an issue which caused constant widget resizing when moving intensity keyframes in multilayer editor
  • [DSOF-14371] - Fixed an issue where a brightness of 0 when the playhead reaches a section break causes brightness to be expressed as 2.86084
  • [DSOF-14404] - Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when setting OptiCalCamera Lens to 'None'
  • [DSOF-14405] - Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when attempting to Calibrate Capture Plan
  • [DSOF-14414] - Fixed an issue where keywidgets could remain open when a field is hidden
  • [DSOF-14450] - Fixed an issue where the software could not be opened on AMD machines when accessed via Windows Remote Desktop
  • [DSOF-14464] - Fixed an issue where the Web Layer did not not play video that is designed to autoplay upon landing on that web page
  • [DSOF-14468] - Fixed an issue where Colourshift on a remote asset did not work
  • [DSOF-14470] - Fixed an issue where Incorrect expressions could be generated from alt-drag when using the Web layer
  • [DSOF-14471] - Fixed an issue where Precomps would not prefetch
  • [DSOF-14474] - Fixed an issue where 16-bit amber/white compensation is incorrect on DmxLights & screens
  • [DSOF-14475] - Fixed an issue where content in the layer preview is incorrectly converted from XYZ colour space while Colour Management is set to Gamma Space
  • [DSOF-14496] - Fixed an issue where OscIndirectionController won't find camera if only the camera path is specified
  • [DSOF-14516] - Fixed an issue where frames are occasionally duplicated and dropped on some types of video input
  • [DSOF-14545] - Fixed an issue which could cause a crash when using certain Notch blocks
  • [DSOF-14564] - Fixed an issue where procedurally generated meshes did not have thumbnails
  • [DSOF-14584] - Fixed an issue where renamed devices do not release recorders
  • [DSOF-14708] - Fixed an issue that caused NDI streams which are not live to take up too many resources
  • [DSOF-14729] - Fixed an issue where About manager did not respect its contents size
  • [DSOF-14742] - Fixed an issue where the Actor was unable to start due to audio error on start
  • [DSOF-14860] - Fixed an issue where Notch parameters with "/" in the key/id, could not be used
  • [DSOF-14864] - Fixed an issue where an error could cause a long shutdown of the software


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