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build: 57987 (released May 9th, 2019)

Download r15.3.3

What's new?


vx 4 Front Panel OLED

The vx 4 features a new hi-res OLED front panel. With r15.3 users can now see more detailed system information including server name, serial number and VFC card information.

OscControl layer

The new OscControl layer now enables users to send custom commands to third party products via OSC.


vx 4 support

r15.2 brings support for the new vx 4 hardware featuring a new capture UI, designed to better manage 16 inputs on a vx 4.

Rewritten audio

Based on user feedback, Audio has been completely rewritten, using a professional audio library (FMOD). This audio library reinstates full audio support, enabling the use of both WASAPI and ASIO audio drivers in both the Video and Audio layers.


r15.2 also includes a new integration with Riedel, for control of Mediornet so users can now switch Mediornet routers in the same way as switching a conventional matrix router.

Agile Remote Cameras

r15.2 includes integration with Agile Remote Cameras' range of PTZ cameras, enabling full control over exposure, gamma, gain modes and other settings which will be on show.


Notch effects

r15.1 introduces a revised set of Notch effects including particles, blobs, various text effects and more.

This replaces the previous Notch block which can still be downloaded from our resources centre.

download demo project



The new Lux visualiser includes ambient occlusion, directional light, camera exposure simulation, glow, shadows, and physically correct units.

Now you can quickly produce visualisations that are more artistically compelling and technically accurate.


OmniCal is a camera-based projector calibration system that quickly captures a point cloud of your stage, accurately calibrates projectors to sub-pixel accuracy, and conforms pre-existing surface meshes to match reality.

Choose between either OmniCal Wired Kits, designed for permanent installations, or OmniCal Wireless Kits, perfect for when you need a fast set-up.

Find out more

OmniCal iOS app

Now available on the App store, download and preview the OmniCal iOS app and also gain offline access to hardware and software manuals.



Heatmaps measure and display the amount of light falling on surfaces from projectors. Export your projector study to provide paperwork evidencing the proposed setup against a target light level.

Now you can be more confident you have enough projectors to deliver the result your client expects.


VR lets you and your clients step into your fully simulated visualisation, and be completely immersed in your show.

Compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Please note, the full release version found above will only work with a disguise USB license key. To access the free trial version, click here.

Release notes for r15.3.3

Improvements, fixes and known issues in r15.3.3



  • Potential for stall and resource leakage leading to system crash when cross-fading layers containing Notch



  • More robust handling of HDMI VFC cards for gx 1s


Trial version

  • Trial version now updated to 15.3.x. Previously only available up to 15.2.5


Current known issues



  • Large audio files may cause the audio layer to stutter as it processes the files. Workarounds:
    • use video files with embedded audio
    • employ smaller, compressed audio files types such as MP3
    • or try staggering multiple audio files on the timeline to save overdue, instant demand by multiple files
  • Potential audio crackles with multiple, multichannel files
  • Embedded audio in video goes out of sync when video is played in ping-pong mode
  • Playing to Loop section in Locked mode when section has been resized ignores the section break


These four have potential fixes identified, but need to go through the process of code review and verification

  • Audio layer may go out of sync from the playhead over a long period of time
    • note: this has been observed only intermittently and is of the order of 15 frames over a 12 hour period
  • Audio does not start again when encountering a new keyframe of the same audio track
    • when the same audio track is sequenced multiple times in the audio layer, it does not start again on the new keyframe as the video layer does

These two are still under investigation


Legacy known issues from r15.1 and earlier



[High-resolution LUT files] All sample LUT files included in r15.1 have a grid point count of 32. Although the layer supports higher numbers of grid points, this comes with the consequence of taking longer to load on project start (but will not delay the project itself). It is recommended not to exceed 64 grid points



Doing a rig check from simulated plan to actual cameras for the first time can result in the physical cameras being not found. Workaround: run the rig check with simulated cameras



  • VR entails on additional render overhead
  • This may result in a poor performance


Upgrading 32-bit to 64-bit Sockpuppet shows

  • There may be issues upgrading Sockpuppet projects from 32-bit to 64-bit in 14.4.x builds. If your project falls into this category, please contact who can arrange a project upgrade for you


Permissions error after installing

  • On a small number of machines, a python-based permissions error will prevent software from starting.
  • This issue can be solved by restarting Windows


Potential UI performance regression with long and busy timelines

  • With either long or busy timelines containing e.g. a plethora of notes/cues, the UI may suffer a degradation in performance
  • Minimising the timeline negates this


Slideshows transition time

  • The transition time between slides in slideshows is currently broken
  • The fix for this makes fundamental changes to timeline operations, so will take a while to work its way into future releases


Technical advisories



  • Extremely demanding Notch blocks can cause an oversubscription of available memory resources - click here for full advisory.



  • Potential signal drop from wireless OmniCal kits - click here for full advisory.




View the full r15.3.3 release notes here.

View the full r15.3 release notes here.

View the full r15 release notes here.

Please contact for feedback and issues


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