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make remote work.

build: 67496 (released May 20th, 2020)

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What's new?

A world in lockdown is challenging for all of us. But it shouldn’t be preventing you from producing show-stopping visual experiences.

With r17.2, we’ve introduced enhancements that help to optimise your workflow at home and give you the best possible tools to create cutting-edge experiences for remote audiences.

Download r17.2

Application Mode

With 'Application Mode', you can now effortlessly switch between apps and perform multiple tasks at once. Quickly pull down content from the web into your project or send work-in-progress to others to update on progress or gather feedback.

R17.2 Web Image V2
AR Dragon 600Px

HTC VIVE tracking

You don’t need to be in a studio or have to hire high-end tracking equipment to prepare AR experiences. HTC VIVE trackers can be used to emulate a camera or object tracking system so you can develop cutting-edge AR projects during lockdown in your living room.

Native AR

By adding a 'layer' selection on all visible 3D objects in the stage, you can now affect where the object is rendered. Create a simple AR screen with no need for third party integrations to test out your ideas for AR experiences.

Layers For Stage Objects 600Px

Produce 360 video

Using the new ‘Spherical Camera’, you can export 360-degree video content created within disguise and use it to engage online audiences.

During production, pre-visualisation in 360 video is a great way to test arrangements, gather feedback and feel total confidence before publishing.

Also in r17.2

 RrGgBbWw pixel type support for DMX Screens.

MIDI note event transport now supports Play and Loop section play modes.

Exported file list now includes empty directories.

Download r17.2

Release notes for r17.2.2

Improvements, fixes and known issues in r17.2.2
  • Meshes are no longer loaded in parallel on background threads.
  • Creating reshape mesh with OmniCal creates perpetual hang on project launch.

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Resource Categories

    Resources Bwelcomeproject R17 1

    Welcome project

    A fully featured project to explore as you learn the disguise software (built in the r17.1 software build)


    Media pack

    A selection of images, models and videos to get started.

    Resources Demo Project R17 1

    r17.1 release - Demo Project

    Demo project including key features within the r17.1 software release.

    Resources AR Demo Project R17 1

    AR Demo Project

    Augmented Reality demo project built for r17.1 which includes f1 car Notch block as shown in the training video.


    Notch Demo Project

    This Notch Demo Project focuses on virtual environments and exposable cameras & exposed nulls.


    Legacy disguise-Notch block

    disguise-Notch block bundled with designer software prior to r15.1.


    Web Interaction

    zip file of a demo project outlining the capabilities of the web layer integration with javascript & HTML.


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